Martini glass

A distinctive cocktail needs a distinctive glass. Some refined purists say it improves the taste, whilst others would not dream of drinking out of anything but the correct receptacle. Most of us would like to serve Bond's favourite in a Martini glass simply because it looks classy, and most would agree, these glasses are indisputably classy!

The wide brim, tapering down to the elegant stem simply screams sophistication! The look of this glass in the hand lends a debonair aura of erudition. Perfect for a party, or for warm-up drinks before the big event, it's not unreasonable to down a few of these in lieu of the more usual alcopop!

Product Features:
• Classic stemmed martini glass
• Perfect for martini and cosmopolitan cocktails
• Material: Annealed glass
• Professional quality glassware
• Dishwasher safe
• Gift boxed
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